ER-58 Ticon 3.5mm Jack Champ Box Packing Earphone


  • BRAND : Ticon
  • MODEL : ER-58
  • JACK TYPE : 3.5mm Jack Output (Champ Type)
  • PACKING TYPE : Box Packing
  • SPEAKER SIZE:——10mm
  • SENSITIVITY:——96+/-3dB(at 1KHz 0.5V ms)
  • IMPEDANSE:—-329
  • CORD LENGTH:—–≤100cm
  • FREQUENCY ESPONSE:——–30-16000Hz
  • DIRECTIVITY:——–42dB+/-3dB
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  • Please wear correctly when your use the earphone. put earplug with “L” in left ear. earplug with “R” in right ear. – When listening to music with the earphone, we suggest your adjust the sound volume
  • to a proper level to protect your eardrum.
  • -To ensure your safe driving, please do not listen to music with the earphone when you drive.
  • -To extend the earphone service life, please follow these tips, keep earphone clean and dry. stay the earphone away from magnetic field.
  • -No prior notice will be given if the specification and outline design of the earphone were adjusted due to technology improvement,
  • please understand.


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